Construction Guidelines

Below are the recommended construction guidelines for Association Members. The guidelines are not intended to stand in the way of progress but rather to ensure contractors are keeping the inevitiable disruption to the minimum possible. If you currently have a project under construction or are contemplating one, please be sure your contractor receives a copy of the guidelines and complies with them.

1. A contractor contact telephone number must be posted prominently on the job site.

2. No work is permitted before 7am on weekdays and 8am on Saturday.

3. No staging of trucks is permitted before 7am on weekdays and 8am on Saturday.

4. No truck idling is permitted while trucks are waiting.

5. Workers coming to the jobsite need to honor the speed limits, parking signs and red curbs everywhere.

6. No smoking is permitted on the job site due to The Upper Riviera being in a high fire zone.

7. No loud music or loud conversations should be tolerated on the job.

8. No parking in front of resident mailboxes is permitted because the Post Office will not deliver to blocked mailboxes.

9. A litter-free jobsite should be maintained at all times, including the area where workers park or eat on the street. No portable stoves are permitted on the street.

10. The street should be swept daily in front of the jobsite to prevent tire damage from nails, screws, or other building materials.

11. Heavy equipment (especially steel tracked vehicles) should be loaded the job site, not unloaded elsewhere and driven down the street to the jobsite.

12. At the end of the job, any damage to the street must be repaired.

13. Finally, we suggest you or your contractor show the plans to any interested neighbors for comment. It can save problems later. We can supply the contact information.